Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hidden Love..
This is a story,
I will never forget,
As time passes by,
There's no regret.
When I speak,
You saw me laugh like a mad person,
But once I cry,
You were shocked again and again..
We see each other,
Almost everyday,
We share our stories,
And spread truth and lies.
You and me,
Gossiping for hours,
But still,
Doing the job,
Given by teachers.
Now, I feel sad,
Like killing myself,
Not to mention,
I'm not REALLY killing myself,
Just a word,
To describe,
My feeling,
AS I'm moving,
Don't know when..
Sooner or later.
I'll miss you,
Dear friend,
This is a hard time,
For me.. and for us.
From me, to you...
Take care.. Behave.
As there's no cure for me,
I'll die..
Of course,
With a big smile,
Knowing you,
All this time..
Thank You,
That's all I need to say.
****Sad Moment***
By: Unknown Reporter

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